Let you guide by this flag. The 2me Régiment de Dragons: Napoleon's Cavalry re-enacted
Welcome to the greatest years(1796-1815) of the European cavalry 


This English version is (since years) no more updated, Please look at the French version which is continuously updated.

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Le Régiment au hameau du Lion en 2004 (Photo : Site de la commune de Waterloo)


OUR  GROUP :      (Waterloo)

Farrier at Camp de Boulogne (c)St.MaughanLuc, Gérard, Claude : Thuin, Avril 1999 CLICK on Photos © for details. More can be found on the following pages
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Let you guide by this flag. Founded in Waterloo in 1995,  10 amateurs (although some are professional horsemanship instructors). Our hobby is riding horses to re-enact the great epoch of Napoleon's Grande Armee. We do historical re-enactment, not folkloric re-enactment. Our principal meeting point is the Waterloo battlefield were the Napoleonic Legend began after the Waterloo disaster.

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Our site give informations about Napoleonic historical re-enactment and more exactly Napoleon's cavalry. On those pages can you see what we do, and read what we discover about cavalery, évolution (1914-18, 1939-45, today? ) News about Waterloo and links to Napoléon, cavalry,  re-enactment.

Let you guide by this flag  OUR AGENDA describes all kind of Napoleonic events in Belgium or environs (whether organised by us or not). As most of these are located in the French-speaking  part of Belgium, the content is mainly in French, but if you are interested in one of these events, please  e-mail us
Where to go in Belgium to see a Napoleonic event : (Exhibition, Re-enactment, Film, TV, ....) : Clic on AGENDA.


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